Riss v. City of New York

November 11, 2008

How does Pugach get
Linda Riss to marry him?
Throw lye in her face


5 Responses to “Riss v. City of New York”

  1. Jason Edwards Says:

    Having a party,
    For engagement, what’s missing?
    Lye thrown on the face!

  2. jane Says:

    The media skews.
    She brings battered women down.
    Most would not return.

  3. TaiPan, Esq. Says:

    True Love does not die,
    But it can leave a few scars.
    Pugach a leg man?

  4. Jason Edwards Says:

    Jane Kim forgets
    Battered girls always return
    Sad but very true

    *I only put in “girls” because “women” didn’t fit 575, I didn’t mean to slight females at all

  5. jane Says:

    No. They don’t return.
    Not with volition, at least.
    Maybe in casket.

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