This spicy case has
some Jamaican sweet peppers
spicy or sweet judge?


Owen v. Cohen

September 27, 2009

Start bowling alley
One loans cash, other is douche
Partnership dissolved.

Tome v. United States

September 23, 2009

prior consistent
after alleged influence
not admissible

G & S Investments v. Belman

September 23, 2009

Partner has problem:
Cocaine’s a hell of a drug,
Dies, estate bought out.

What is trade usage?
place or vocation or trade
the key word is or

Thompson v. Libby

April 5, 2009

oral warranty?
sold all of my logs, boom scale
parol evidence

Justice Clarence Thomas

April 3, 2009

Justice C. Thomas
Hates Affectation Doctrine
Needs to let it go.