Buick brakes no work.
Secret dealership repair.
Watch your leg, Comstock!

Stewart v. Motts

November 16, 2008

got an idea
pour gas in carburetor
whoops, bad idea

Ploof v. Putnam

November 15, 2008

violent tempest
moor the boat here to save us
get off of my dock

Polmatier v. Russ

November 15, 2008

I’m supreme being
He is a communist spy
rational intent?

Snyder v. Turk

November 15, 2008

Need long instruments
Can’t you see where I’m working?
Working in a hole!

Riss v. City of New York

November 11, 2008

How does Pugach get
Linda Riss to marry him?
Throw lye in her face

Stinnett v. Buchelle

November 6, 2008

fell off of the roof
don’t need to protect others
from obvious harm

beer at baseball game
got off train at the wrong stop
why am I on tracks?

Byrne v. Boadle

November 1, 2008

barrel of flour
claim res ipsa loquitur
it speaks for itself

Carroll Towing

November 1, 2008

compare burden to
cost and probability
the hand formula